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Speaking Clips

Below you will find clips and images of some of the talks and conferences I participated

Animayo 2024

Gisela Prunés Garcia has delivered the first Master Class of the second day of Animayo, and it has been a truly enriching experience.

Having been part of studios like Marvel and The Walt Disney Studios, today she gave us a most inspiring talk. All the students love her, she even got a hug in the middle of the talk - Damian Perea

ESADE Business School

Esade is a well known business school, located in Barcelona, known for the quality of its education, international outlook, and its focus on holistic personal development. I  spoke to MBA students at the Arts, Media & Entertainment Club.


"Gisela’s story on entering the entertainment industry was very inspiring for myself and my colleagues. Gisela’s experience and ability to convey a concise and impactful message resonated well with us here at the ESADE MBA. Unlike most speakers, Gisela can break down her strategic advice to a tactful level and not just talk at a generic high-level.  She provided insightful messages and hidden gems useful when applying to both small and large organisations within the entertainment industry. Even well-after the Q+A portion, Gisela stayed an extra hour to answer individual questions from our students" Arya Ashoori. Founder, AME (Arts-Media-Entertainment) Club, ESADE MBA.

IBOIX Escuela de Ilustración 

Illustration school known by their work and collaboration with Disney Publishing and Pixar in creating some of their books and merchandising products.


Wow! Hoy nuestrxs alumnxs de 4º del Grado de Ilustración Profesional han tenido la posibilidad de conocer de primera mano como funcionan los procesos de selección y recruitment en la indústria. Se lo ha contado Gisela Prunés Garcia, experta en Recursos Humanos que ha trabajado un montón de años en Estados Unidos en compañías como Disney, Marvel y Getty Images.
Además, ha planteado un ejercicio para mejorar sus habilidades de comunicación y trabajo en equipo - IBOIX Escola


Prime The Animation 

Prime the Animation is a local animation festival in Spain that focuses on developing junior talent and is organized and hosted by the University of Valencia. This video was created as an invite and preview of my talk for the event.

Storytelling Night 

This event was about storytelling and self expression and took place in Second City, Hollywood. It was the very first time I told a true personal story in a stage,  about my  rough beginning in Los Angeles.

ESADE Alumni Talk 

This event was organized by ESADE alumni based in Los Angeles, California. We chatted about strategies to position yourself strategically in the job market.

Animayo 2020 

Animayo is an international animation, video game and VFX film festival born in Spain. The 2020 conference took place virtually through an innovative platform, where each speaker created an avatar to represent themselves in the panel talks.

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