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Who are we?

TFH is a community of resourceful people constantly pushing the bar. A community where our stories inspire and challenge each other on something so important as is our life time career and where so many times we get lost into. 


What do we talk about?


Job Market matters

Human Resources

Immigration Experiences

Diversity and Inclusion

Why The Former Hustler?

The reason why I chose The Former Hustler is because even though I consider myself a hustler for life, I no longer hustle the same old ways, for example, when I started from scratch without a job and no savings to a new country without speaking the language.


At some point of my journey, hustling got so embed on my DNA that I was not able to drop it when it was no longer serving me and it caused me to crash. 

The old hustle mindset helped me to build a life in a second language, to land on my dream job and to have (what I consider for myself) a successful career but I had to transform the way I understood hustling. 


It took me a tip to the ER to realize I had to reframe my believes in order to change that pattern and free myself from that survivor mindset. 


There are many different levels of hustling but no matter which one you find yourself into, once you have the right tools and mindset to handle, the way you hustle will evolve too.


Inspiration raises from bouncing ideas and sharing stories. The stories of people that can’t stop learning and sharing is also a purpose of this community.


This community is to meet you where you are.


Hustle with us at the right pace for the right cause.


Join us! 


Much love xx

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