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By Gisela

Talks about:
Career Growth, Creativity, Expat Experience, Cultural and Social T
ransformation at work
Working in Film Talk



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Media, Oscars, Career, Red Carpet, Hollywood


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About me

You have to be lost to find a place that can't be found - Barbossa

Hi there!


I am HR and business professional from Barcelona with +10 years of experience in multiple industries, Fortune 500 and start ups.


I moved to California in 2012 starting from scratch, learning a new language and re-building my career with no network (quite an adventure!)

I am driven by unlocking people's potential and embrace diversity, inclusion, equality of opportunities at all times. 

Always impressed by the power of collaboration and curiosity.

I see Human Resources as an opportunity to constantly learn, innovate and to help people and business evolve together.


I specialize in finding opportunities that drive solutions to improve the employee experience and business results.

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