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By Gisela Prunés

Specializes in career growth, biz development, HR, diversity & inclusion



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This community is built to support your career and to connect with other folks that are always thinking how to do things differently and reinvent themselves, creating resourcefulness that generates creativity. 

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About me

You have to be lost to find a place that can't be found - Barbossa

Hi there!


I am HR and business professional from Barcelona with +10 years of experience in multiple industries, Fortune 500 and start ups.


I moved to California in 2012 starting from scratch, learning a new language and re-building my career with no network (quite an adventure!)

I am driven by unlocking people's potential and embrace diversity, inclusion, equality of opportunities at all times. 

Always impressed by the power of collaboration and curiosity.

I see Human Resources as an opportunity to constantly learn, innovate and to help people and business evolve together.


I specialize in finding opportunities that drive solutions to improve the employee experience and business results.

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